Vegan and Vegetarian lunch recipes


Luscious lunch ideas

The simplest way to enjoy leeks.

Lovely, lovely – smooth, aromatic and with a divine roast and smoky flavour… . While the vegetables are baking you can just set the alarm and be doing other things – or put your feet up! Blending the cooked ingredients is a piece of cake.

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The vegan alternative to asparagus and Parmesan cheese! Delicious...

An easy, reduced-fat & economical alternative to shop-bought cereal bars

Calories: 233
Men's Extra: 1 tsp peanut butter (34 cals)

A classic breakfast tweaked for the Fast Day regime!

Adding something fruity to a savoury dish is a great way to bring out the flavours in this lovely dish. Try serving with a good dollop of plain dairy-free yoghurt also.

Gluten-free option: replace with quinoa. For 4 people, use 1 cup of quinoa cooked in one and a half cups of liquid.

A classic dip of Middle-Eastern and Greek origin that is wonderful with falafels, pitta bread, hummus and salad. For a reduced-fat version, halve the quantities of oil and tahini.

This is good - the earthy tones of the beetroot go well with the sweetness of carrots and dried fruit and it's a riot of colour too as well as nutritious. Try replacing the raisins with apricots for a change - either unsulphured (dark brown and sweeter) or the orange variety! 

Did you know that sesame seeds are an excellent source...

This lovely quick recipe comes courtesy of our very own Helen Rossiter. Check out her great blog Lots of Nice Things Full of taste as well as calcium and other nutritional goodies!

Nutritional yeast flakes have a slightly cheesy, nutty flavour. They are a great product! Full of goodness...

This dish is good as a starter or as a side dish. The mushrooms can be baking while the onion marmalade is simmering - that will cut cooking time down.