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A Unique Creamy, Flaky Pie with a Mediterranean Twist


A simple,  hearty stew that is full of rich flavour - and with three possible cooking methods! Like all stews, it is even nicer the next day.

Good with brown or white rice; quinoa; bulghur; warm flatbread


Adding something fruity to a savoury dish is a great way to bring out the flavours in this lovely dish. Try serving with a good dollop of plain dairy-free yoghurt also.

Gluten-free option: replace with quinoa. For 4 people, use 1 cup of quinoa cooked in one and a half cups of liquid.

A brilliant vegan/veggie staple- easy to make, economical and open to lots of creative variations! They can be as spicy or mellow as you like.

The recipe consists of basic storecupboard ingredients but you can tart it up with posh relishes, vegan mayo, avocado slices or whatever else you can cram between a burger bun! It can also be...

Perfecting the vegan quiche has been something which has given us at the VRC great pleasure. We have a couple of great recipes, where blended tofu and vegan cream cheese make an incredible egg alternative.

This recipe goes a step further and adds a unique product called The Vegg.  It is...

One of our special 'Mood Food' recipes - packed with lots of brain-boosting nutrients including B Vitamins, Omegas, Amino Acids, Protein, Magnesium and Zinc - to help boost your mood, sharpen your mind and combat stress.

This recipe for Olive, Chorizo and Tomato Pasta has become a favourite to serve at Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshows and can be eaten hot or cold. 

The buckwheat burgers are packed full of ingredients which will help boost your mood. They are one of the recipes which feature in our Mood Food Cookery Demonstrations. Other dishes include Scrambled Tofu and...

This lovely tangy curry is very easy to make - most of the preparation can be done while the aubergine cubes soak.

Try serving it with a dahl or a chickpea and potato curry, either of which contrasts and complements its citrus/tangy flavours well. Alternatively, add 1 tin of rinsed and drained chickpeas about 5 minutes before...