Brilliant breakfasts


Brilliant breakfast ideas

An easy, reduced-fat & economical alternative to shop-bought cereal bars

Perk Yourself Up With a Vegan-licious Kiwi, Mint & Apple Juice!

Perfect blended with some ice for a really long, cool drink, this smoothie will refresh you after a long day. Using a juicer is preferable but if you don't have one, try blending - if it's a little too lumpy, just put it through a...

Calories: 233
Men's Extra: 1 tsp peanut butter (34 cals)

A classic breakfast tweaked for the Fast Day regime!

This Avocado, Tomato & Coriander Smoothie is Guacamole in a Glass!
Excellent for the skin, avocados are packed with goodness. Good with a dash of tabasco or some black pepper.

This is a healthy snack which is also rich and incredibly yummy! The cooking process makes the mushroom tender and succulent..
Aminos is a kind of low-salt soya sauce - very good for flavour. Braggs or Marigold are the main brands.  Tamari soya sauce is wheat/gluten-free but higher in salt. Main brands are Clearspring or Essential....

Get Clever With Our Lovely Simple Banana Fool - Creamy, Vegan & Healthy!
Sometimes the simplest things are the best... like this protein-packed quick and yummy dessert or breakfast.  Silken tofu varies in price but it's still a bargain what with all that low-fat, protein-packed, calcium-enriched goodness!

This old British favourite couldn’t be easier! However, we include a few variations...

There are several ways to make vegan French Toast, including our existing tasty French Toast recipe, which uses blended tofu. 

This alternative uses a unique product called The Vegg...

Yes, it's always good with peanut butter/margarine, topped with yeast extract (eg Marmite), plus fresh fruit or nuts on the side - but check out our new ideas for toast toppings below.

 A bountiful, energising breakfast to boost your mood!

Flax seeds (linseeds) are really cheap if you buy them loose or in packets. Store them in the fridge but grind them up a few spoonfuls at a time. They need to be ground up because the body can't digest them properly otherwise. Use a little electric coffee or spice grinder...