Veggie Pigs in Sun-dried Tomato Blankets


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A succulent and compassionate alternative to the traditional recipe! Lovely as buffet food or as a starter.

Serves 4-8, depending on how hungry/greedy guests are and what else you have to serve
10 minutes
No nuts
No sesame
Reduced sugar

1 jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil, eg Merchant Gourmet
1 packet of vegan sausages (Fry’s, Redwood, LInda McCartney and Vegetarian Choice are all suitable – available from health food shops, Holland & Barrett – Linda Mac's from most supermarkets)
1 packet of cocktail sticks


1. Cook the sausages according to instructions on the packet. Let them cool a little.

2. Cut into bite size pieces on a chopping board.

3. Using a fork, take a sun dried tomato from the jar, shaking off any excess oil.

4. If a similar width to the sausage pieces, place the tomato over the top, then secure in place using a cocktail stick, piercing through one side to the other. If too big, cut in half.

5. Serve on a large sharing platter.

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could also use veggie bacon


could also use veggie bacon istead of the sun-dried tomato xx even nicer

 Yes you could! sounds

 Yes you could! sounds lovely.