Baby Broad Bean, Tomato & Fresh Herb Salad with Creamy Dressing


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This is a very fresh, simple salad and quite cheap as well as being a good source of protein. Frozen broad beans aren't expensive. Alternatively, try cooked flageolet beans or edamame (fresh green soya beans, pictured).You can buy tinned or dried flageolet beans from good supermarkets, health stores or delis; edamame (fresh green soya beans) are sold frozen in large supermarkets or Oriental grocers.
Fresh herbs: they might seem like a luxury but they add something amazing to food. Local greengrocers are often cheaper than supermarket - my local veg shops even split bunches to make them cheaper.

Or try growing your own in pots in the garden or balcony. Or a sunny windowledge. You don't even need to buy pots - use recycled containers like plastic food trays, yoghurt pots or tetrapacks with one side cut out. Put a few holes in the bottom for drainage then just fill them with some potting compost. A local hardware department or shop will give you some basic advice and the seeds go a long way.

10 mins
Gluten free
No nuts
No sesame
Reduced fat
Reduced sugar

450g/1lb broad beans(frozen or fresh) or edamame
225g/8oz tomatoes – any sort
Small bunch of rocket, washed and spun dry
1-2 tbsp chopped fresh herbs – eg fresh tarragon, flat-leafed parsley or coriander

Creamy Dressing
3 tbsp plain vegan yoghurt, such as Alpro or Provamel
2 tbsp dairy-free milk (soya or rice, preferably)
1-2 tsp Dijon or wholegrain mustard, to taste


1. Lightly steam the broad beans for a few minutes until tender – or if very fresh, use raw. If using tinned flageolet beans, just drain and rinse.

2. Chop the tomatoes into small pieces.

3. Chop the rocket with scissors.

4. Mix all ingredients together in a serving dish.

5. Make dressing by thoroughly mixing all three ingredients in a small bowl

6. Pour dressing over salad, coating everything well and serve immediately.

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I'm going to try this as a


I'm going to try this as a side dish to upcoming BBQ and will add sliced avocado as well. Looks so delicious.

A great vegan dish:) Also try


A great vegan dish:) Also try the creamy dressing with other things such as roasted vegetables, or chips- yummy!!