Red Pepper Hummus with Smoked Paprika



Another Rose Elliot delight. This is a stylish and delicious variation on an old favourite, as well as being super-fast.

See how we made it in our slideshow below - here we used raw peppers instead of jarred. 

Gluten-wheat-free if you suitable bread/crackers used or else the raw vegetable sticks option.

2 - 4
5 minutes preparation plus blending time.
Gluten free
No nuts
No sesame
No soya
Reduced fat

2 garlic cloves
425g/14oz can chick peas, drained
Half a 320g jar whole sweet red peppers, drained or just use raw peppers (as in our slideshow below)
1 tsp sugar or maple syrup
Hot pepper sauce, eg Tabasco
¼-½ tsp smoked paprika – available from large supermarkets, delis or health food shops
Coarsely ground or cracked black pepper
To serve Warm pitta bread, crostini or chunks of raw vegetables such as carrot, celery, green pepper


1. Whizz the garlic cloves in a food processor until chopped then put in the chick peas, sweet red pepper and maple syrup or sugar and whizz again.

2. Stir in a drop or two of hot pepper sauce and smoked paprika to taste.

3. Turn the mixture onto a flat plate and smooth the surface.

4. Grind some black pepper coarsely over the top.

5. Serve with strips of warmed pitta bread or other suggested accompaniments.

Created with flickr slideshow.

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