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Viva! was delighted to hear that Quorn produced a vegan burger for the US market last year, working closely with Compassion Over Killing. Media coverage praised Quorn’s compassionate and ‘socially responsible’ move.

So what about the UK? Well, Quorn has said that it has no immediate plans to do the same in Britain - but that is open to consumer demand. Which is where you come in, dear supporter!

Vegan numbers are increasing massively in the UK and mainland Europe, not just in North America. So companies need to ensure they make their meat-free products suitable for everyone: not just meat-reducers and vegetarians but also vegans and the egg/dairy intolerant. This can only increase inclusivity and therefore sales.

2011 saw veganism in the spotlight more than ever. British celebrities Russell Brand, Ozzie Osbourne and Alan Cummings have recently gone vegan. All this plus two groundbreaking environmental reports from the United Nations confirms what vegans have known all along – it’s cool to be kind and it's also the healthiest and most low-carbon way to eat!

Here at Viva! we know that vegan food is acceptable to everyone because we give tons of it away at our groundbreaking Incredible Veggie Roadshows across the UK! We get enthusiastic feedback from our visitors: meat-eaters, meat-reducer and ovo-lacto vegetarians as well as vegans. Many have no idea of just how good vegan food is until they visit our shows.

So, come on Quorn! If it's good enough for the Americans, it's good enough for we Brits! Please veganise all or part of your range as quickly as possible.After all, it can only increase your sales - and credibility.

Please email Quorn and add your voice - ask them politely to make their products inclusively vegan. Feel free to use any of the text below but add your own comments if possible too.   


Vegan Quorn

I have been campaigning to get Quorn to go vegan also through my blog

Quorn are a UK company, you would think that the UK should have the first vegan quorn product.

I hope everyone contacts Quorn to let them know we want a new vegan product that is in every supermarket.


Vegan Quorn

It always seems such a shame that so many brilliant veggie products are not suitable for vegans because they have a tiny amount of an animal product. I really do believe in time the companies will come to their senses and open up their products to the vegan market.

Quorn Allergies

Is it worth pointing out before people try or buy it about the chance of allergies. When I became a vegetarian I filled up a draw in my freezer full of Quorn products. Thinking that it would help the transition to meat free. But all I got was aches, pains and sickness that took 2+ weeks to go. I looked it up and found out the reference Quorn has to penicillin. I am also allergic to penicillin. Seems Quorn allergies are high considering allergies to any of food product.


You can create a free petition on, too!


As a teen vegan I often find the choice of ready-made vegan subsitutes particuarly limiting and because of the egg content in many Quorn products, opt for choices such as 'Redwood' and 'Frys' which are not widely available. I wish to raise awareness of the demand for vegan Quorn and similar subsitutes. I hope that in doing so, like-minded Viva members will back my petition and spread the word for this good cause. In raised awareness I hope that the availability of a vegan diet is promoted and many other compassionate thinkers will join us on our path to repairing the fractures in humanity. Thank you for your time.

Fractured Humanity

Good phrase, good posting! Yes, the more of us who try and point manufacturers in the right direction, the better. They just need to realise that there is a bigger market out there - they won't do it for the good of their health or ours but if it helps their profits. And the more accessible and thus more 'normal' vegan food becomes, the better for all we Earthlings and our wee green planet.