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5:2 Fast Day - Spiced Tomato Dahl

Calories: 220
Men's extra: 1 poppadum (37 cals)

A tasty, filling soup. Make the day before if possible – or perhaps make a double batch to eat on the second fast day of the week? 

5:2 Fast Day Big Noodle Soup

Calories: 257
Men's Extra: 30g frozen fresh soya beans (edamame). 35 cals

A good soup that is full of flavour and texture. Good on any day, whether you are doing the 5:2 Fast Diet or not!


5:2 Fast Day Tofu Scramble

Calories: 232
Men's Extra: 50g plain tofu (38 cals)

A simple, delicious  breakfast or supper

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5:2 Fast Day Baked Beans on Toast

Calories: 233
Men's Extra: 1 tsp peanut butter (34 cals)

A classic breakfast tweaked for the Fast Day regime!

5:2 Fast Day Porridge

Calories: 210 – fewer if you omit the soya milk and/or the agave
Men's Extra: 4 tbsp plain vegan yoghurt (30 cals)

Using jumbo oats fills you up better and keeps you going longer. Like all wholefoods, this type of oats is low GI or slow release, so they keep your blood sugar more steady! 

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5:2 Fast Day Yoghurt & Fruit Breakfast

Calories: 259
Men's Extra: 50ml plain vegan yoghurt (25 cals)

Some days a fruit breakfast is what your body needs!

Alpro, Provamel and Tesco plain vegan yoghurt or 'alternative to yoghurt' are brands to look for

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