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Anti-aging Avocado, Tomato & Coriander Smoothie

This Avocado, Tomato & Coriander Smoothie is Guacamole in a Glass!
Excellent for the skin, avocados are packed with goodness. Good with a dash of tabasco or some black pepper.

Apricot & Cashew Smoothie

Healthy fast food! This makes a lovely quick breakfast or energy boost if you are training.
For a soya-free alternative, use another type of non-dairy milk, eg rice, almond, oat or coconut - all widely available from large supermarkets or health food shops.

Avocado & Smoked Tofu Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

A great way to use tofu if you aren't too familiar with it. One of our perennial favourites - it always wins converts at our cookery demos! 

It's particularly nice with Taifun smoked tofu - available from good health food shops or large branches of Waitrose.

Chinese-style Wraps

Another lunch-time or snack-attack goodie! This recipe offers a choice of seitan, tofu or faux chicken pieces.

Seitan (also known as gluten)is made from the most protein-rich part of wheat. It's a healthy, natural and delicious alternative to meat and has been used in China and elsewhere for centuries. Seitan is available in jars from good health food shops. Tinned gluten can be found in Oriental supermarkets - plain or as mock duck or mock chicken. Redwood Cheatin' Chicken Pieces are found in health food shops. Alternatively, use cubed smoked or plain fried tofu.

Baby Broad Bean, Tomato & Fresh Herb Salad with Creamy Dressing

This is a very fresh, simple salad and quite cheap as well as being a good source of protein. Frozen broad beans aren't expensive. Alternatively, try cooked flageolet beans or edamame (fresh green soya beans, pictured).You can buy tinned or dried flageolet beans from good supermarkets, health stores or delis; edamame (fresh green soya beans) are sold frozen in large supermarkets or Oriental grocers.

Cauliflower Cheeze with Sweet Potatoes & Tangy Green Salad

A rather delicious vegan variation on an old favourite! Here, we serve it with sweet potatoes and a watercress and rocket salad - but it would go with other things nicely, depending on your budget and what is in season.

Carrot & Arame Wholegrain Salad with Oriental Omega-3 Dressing

A lovely way to use arame, a type of sea vegetable - while simultaneously upping your omega-3 intake. Result!. Young early carrots are also delicious if it's that time of year.

Sea vegetables are used widely in Japan, where dairy is not a traditional part of their diet. Arame, (pronounced 'a-rah-may') is just one type. It is very tasty, as well as being an excellent source of calcium - much higher than cow's milk.  It can be bought from good health food shops.

Gluten-free version - use tamari soya sauce

Middle-Eastern Nutty Millet Pilaf

A fresh, light alternative to traditional risotto. 
This simple tasty dish is a nice way to use millet, a much underrated wholegrain. The peas add a good source of protein and iron. Or try replacing the millet with quinoa: roast it in the same way, reduce the stock to about 400ml and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until it is tender.

Best served with dairy-free yoghurt - for example Alpro, Provamel or Tesco plain vegan yoghurt, available from large supermarkets or health food shops.