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5:2 means that you have two low-calorie days per week and five days of eating normally.


Nutritionist Amanda Woodvine answers your quandaries, queries and questions. Ideally, faeces should be brown, soft but still formed, and roughly the size and shape of sausage links. Your faeces take the shape of your colon. What you eat – including dietary supplements – can affect how your faeces look and smell, as can certain diseases. However, normal bowel movements do not contain blood, and are not black or tarry.

Lose pounds, save pounds, never feel hungry and reduce your risk of killer diseases – that’s the message behind a scientifically-sound diet from the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF).


You don’t need to sacrifice to eat well and healthily. Remember, a well-balanced veggie diet is much better for you than a meaty one.

White meat – from chicken, ducks, turkey and geese – has become the most popular meat in the West. The average person will eat at least 1,226 birds in their lifetime.

Chicken in the most popular and accounts for one third of all meat consumed in the UK. Recent food scares including bird flu knocked sales a bit, but the birds’ ‘healthy’ image remains largely untarnished.


Your essential guide to all the vitamins and nutrients you need - and where to find them!

Dr Justine Butler demolishes the enduring myth that you need cow’s milk for healthy bones!


Viva!Health has recently launched a groundbreaking campaign – The Big-D – aimed at everyone at risk of or suffering from diabetes, their families and health-professionals all over the UK. As health campaigner Veronika Powell explailns, thecampaign and the science behind it is revolutionary, whether for type 2 or type 1 of the disease.

Dr Justine Butler explains why fish oils are not the best choice - and where to get alternative sources of omegas


The UK has one of the worst rates of obesity in Europe. In England almost two-thirds of the population is either overweight or obese. If current trends continue, obesity is set to overtake smoking as the leading cause of premature deaths.