Nutty Mushroom Sausages

These are lovely, and a great alternative to the shop-bought variety.

- They can be made the day before and refrigerated to save time
- They freeze well so it's worth making a couple of batches.
- They are baked so lower in fat than shop-bought versions.
- There is a gluten and soya-free option if so desired


Recipe and photo courtesy of Flavorphotos

Ash's Rice and Veg Stir-fry

Ash - Viva!'s talented database and fundraising person - is also a bit of a whizz in the kitchen! Being a keen athlete, he is always thinking about food too...

He's very particular about rice and swears on his auntie's recipe for the perfect method! The secret is to steam-cook it in a pan with a well-fitting lid.

White basmati - 11-20 minutes
Brown longraing rice or brown basmati - 25-35 minutes


Ash's Rice & Veg

Ash is Viva!'s data and fundraising expert as well as being a bit of an athlete. He is also an enthusiastic cook who is very particular about rice and swears his auntie taught him the perfect method for cooking it!

This recipe uses white Basmati - but for a healthier wholegrain feel, use brown long grain or brown Basmati.

White rice takes 11-20 minutes - check it is tender enough then remove from heat if ready.
Brown rice takes 20-30 minutes

French Tomato Salad

Simple and lovely. Like all the best recipes, it's nicest when the tomatoes are in season, rather than imported. Go for the best you can find - this is where a good local greengrocer comes up trumps.Also, try for organic if you can stretch to it; tomatoes are one of the most heavily sprayed crops.


PIcture courtesy of the Vegan Version

Waitrose Mushroom Stroganoff with Vintage Cider

A nice variant on the vegan veggie classic - from Waitrose. This would be a quick, tasty supper before or after the Christmas madness!

For a slightly more indulgent but still healthy version, use our vegan sour creme recipe instead of the yogurt. You teetotallers could also replace the cider with apple juice, if you prefer.

Easy Peasy Speedy Fajitas

A lovely quick, nutritious meal using store cupboard ingredients. Chopping the veg into small pieces makes it more likely that young kids will eat them!

Picture courtesy of

Tony's Hot Pot

A classic and tasty British dish, veggie/vegan style. This uses frozen veggie mince, which is available just about everywhere: Linda McCartney; Asda; Sainsbury;Tesco etc - just avoid Quorn which contains egg and dairy.

Good served with greens (eg broccoli; Brussels sprouts; sauteed shredded cabbage; curly kale) and lightly steamed carrots.

Pepperoni Perfecto!

I had great fun making this lovely recipe. It is easy to make, very cheap and most importantly, it tastes really good. It is simple to prepare too. Plus the pepperoni freezes well so it is worth making a double batch.

Roasted Coconut Squash Gringas with Pink Pickled Onions & Sour Creme

The Gringas are made up of toasted tortillas filled with refried beans and melting vegan cheeze - roasted on a griddle or in the oven. They are then topped with a delicious butternut squash infused with coconut and other delicious ingredients!

Thanks for this lovely recipe from the restaurant chain Las Iguanas. Their branches across the UK offer a dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu.


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