Sexy Sushi

This is a fun recipe to make - don't be put off by the instructions as it's actually very quick once everything is assembled and ready to go!
To make more, just double or quadruple the ingredients - it doesn't take much longer.
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A wonderful alternative to traditional paella!

Don't be put off by the length of the recipe - it is made in two stages: a simple rice pilaf then the paella ingredients are added to that.  So the paella can be prepared and measured while the pilaf is cooking, or else you can cook the pilaf rice in advance... The secret is to get all ingredients and equipment out that you need before starting - then go for it!
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Carrot & Arame Wholegrain Salad with Oriental Omega-3 Dressing

A lovely way to use arame, a type of sea vegetable - while simultaneously upping your omega-3 intake. Result!. Young early carrots are also delicious if it's that time of year.

Sea vegetables are used widely in Japan, where dairy is not a traditional part of their diet. Arame, (pronounced 'a-rah-may') is just one type. It is very tasty, as well as being an excellent source of calcium - much higher than cow's milk.  It can be bought from good health food shops.

Gluten-free version - use tamari soya sauce

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