Pistou Soup

A hearty big soup/stew with a special twist thanks to the addition of a simple home-made pistou - the French equivalent of pesto. Thai basil will give the soup a slightly Vietnamese/South-East Asian twist, but ordinary basil works well too, aided by the lemongrass and hint of chilli.

Caramelised Red Onion & Wine Reduction

Reduction is a kind of posh gravy* Here is the vegan/veggie equivalent! We love this cheatin' reduction. It is quicker to make than the usual recipes and uses a little veggie gravy powder to thicken it. However, like all gravies, it benefits from being made the day before if possible - all those lovely flavours get the chance to party.

*Traditionally made by cooking down lots of meat 'juices' to get a thin sauce with a concentrated flavour. (Yes, I know...)

Warm Apple Cake

We're having a 70's revival! This apple cake is just a variation on the old school upside down pudding and all the nicer for it.

It's not only cooking apples that are suitable. Try any slightly tart apples that are in season, such as Cox's - although this is an economical recipe, it can be made even cheaper from fruit that is scrumped or from a glut!

This cake/pudding is nice served with custard/dairy-free cream/ice cream.... or all three?!

Sautéed Squash with Olive Tapenade & Cannellini Beans

Steaming the squash or pumpkin in this lovely dish makes it much quicker than roasting or baking, yet the flavour is rich – and most of the prep can be done while the squash is cooking.
It is easily transformed into a more substantial dish by increasing quantities and serving with sauce and salad.

African Sweet Potato Stew with Red Beans and Peanut Sauce

A simple,  hearty stew that is full of rich flavour - and with three possible cooking methods! Like all stews, it is even nicer the next day.

Good with brown or white rice; quinoa; bulghur; warm flatbread


Lentil Shepherd's Pie with Cheezy Mash

A really simple, tasty dish that is a great winter stand-by. Very nice served with one of our gravy recipes too!

Top Tip
If you prefer a more 'meaty' taste, replace the lentils with veggie mince (most brands are vegan except for Quorn) - but cook in after you have browned the onions for a few minutes.

Deluxe Vegan Cheeze & Broccoli Quiche

An amazing vegan quiche recipe made using vegan cream cheeze, eg Sheese, Tesco or Tofutti.

Pastry: we give you two options
- a home-made mashed potato crust which is tasty, quick and easy - it doesn't need blind baking (short pre-cooking) rolling. However, it doesn't keep well and the quiche needs to be eaten there and then.
- ready-made shortcrust version. Jus Rol, Sainsbury and Tesco ranges are mostly vegan (bar those made with butter!) - just check the labels. 


Roast Mushrooms with Onion Marmalade

This dish is good as a starter or as a side dish. The mushrooms can be baking while the onion marmalade is simmering - that will cut cooking time down.

Big Puff Pie

The recipe is actually pretty easy - it's basically just a big stew with onions, mushroom and peas and lovely flavours. The pastry  is cooked separately in the oven - you can make one big lid or several small ones if you have individual dishes... . Then you put the pastry lid on top of the stew and impress all your friends.

We suggest some protein options that might be new to you - but most can be found in a good supermarket or health food shop. Each one is easy to use - just follow the cooking instructions we give you.

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