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Fry's Vegan Quack Spring Rolls

Mock Duck spring rolls from the lovely Fry's! The home-made plum sauce recipe is delicious and easy to make, but if you are very short of time, cheat with a ready-made version such as Blue Dragon.


Thanks to Vegan Peasant Catering who created the recipe and photo for Fry's.

Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Sauce

A healthy and decadent dessert! The picture uses bananas but obviously, a mixture of strawberries, mango, apple and many other fruits on the kebab skewers would be even nicer.

Taken from Viva! and VVF's Kids Cook Veggie guide.

Deluxe Vegan Cheeze & Broccoli Quiche

An amazing vegan quiche recipe made using vegan cream cheeze, eg Sheese, Tesco or Tofutti.

Pastry: we give you two options
- a home-made mashed potato crust which is tasty, quick and easy - it doesn't need blind baking (short pre-cooking) rolling. However, it doesn't keep well and the quiche needs to be eaten there and then.
- ready-made shortcrust version. Jus Rol, Sainsbury and Tesco ranges are mostly vegan (bar those made with butter!) - just check the labels. 


Magic Muffins

Let Them Eat Cake - light, tasty and versatile vegan muffins. (Shh, don't tell the non-vegans, they'll never know!)

These are really easy and have been fed to hundreds of people, including those sceptics who believe you can't make cakes without eggs. They can also be made gluten-free by using g-f flour plus a mashed up banana and a drizzle more soya milk to thin the batter a little.

Red Pepper Hummus with Smoked Paprika

Another Rose Elliot delight. This is a stylish and delicious variation on an old favourite, as well as being super-fast.

See how we made it in our slideshow below - here we used raw peppers instead of jarred. 

Gluten-wheat-free if you suitable bread/crackers used or else the raw vegetable sticks option.

Chocolate Banana Cake

What a great combo! The bananas not only enhance the chocolate but also act as a binder. If you are a bit scared of  baking, just follow these easy vegan cake-making rules

Luscious Vegan Sponge Cake with options

The sponge makes a wonderful birthday cake! The recipe makes 2 cakes which can then be filled in the middle - and iced on the top if wished. As you will see below, this cake lends itself to various flavourings/fillings.

For a gluten-free version, just replace the flour and baking powder with g-f equivalents.

For a lemon cake, omit the vanilla essence and

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

A simple but tasty chocolate cake recipe that uses maple syrup instead of sugar. Alternatively,  try agave syrup which is lower GI.

Make it with either chocolate icing - or make it mocha with the addition of some coffee granules! see below...

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