The L-Plate Vegan NEW web version!

Just finished the new all singing, all dancing web version of our trusty L-Plate Vegan guide. I won't get into the technicalities but this format makes for a more pleasant and convenenient experience for you,dear reader!  

I've added lots of product pix and updated the text a bit. The new format means it should also be easier to read on smartphones should you be out shopping. Enjoy!

Bloggin' the Yog - home made vegan yoghurt and more frugal ideas

Hadn't made this for a while and in true frugal style I saw that there was just enough at the bottom of a pot of Sojade vegan yog (whichever brand you use make sure it's a live vegan yoghurt)

So I half-remembered the recipe and went for it! Used about 500ml (about 18fl oz or half a carton) soya milk and heated it not quite to the boil - it should be blood temperature, or nearly cool enough to put your finger in. Mine was sweetened but unsweetened would do - just adjust the sugar to taste. I've also made it with agave syrup...  


Another springcleaning job on the VRC! We didn't have a dedicated sauce section - now we do. Over sixty sauces, pestos, fruit coulis, gravies, dahls and such have been added so if you are looking for a special sauce, savoury or sweet, life will be easier.

Easiest way to find what you want?

Find a specific type of sauce
, eg pesto or gravy by entering the term into the search box on the Home page.

VRC Springcleaning - a wee web makeover!

 I've given our Articles section a little dust down. This section features old and new hints and tips on everything from budget shopping, breadmaking, buying kitchen equipment and cooking to vegan baking and sprouting! Plus lots more hints and tips inbetween.

So I've added or updated pictures, added more links to take you directly to recipes and other stuff within the site - and other useful websites - and done an edit or update where necessary.

30 Day Vegan Hits the Spot!

30 Day Vegan 

It's our new baby, born on 3 February, bless its little pixels. We're so excited about the 30 Day Vegan - after working with the Veganuary team and seeing that take off like a rocket, we wanted to get our own onlilne vegan pledge scheme out into the world.

Veganuary (or Veganfbry?)

Yes, I'd like to eat only delicious, healthy vegan food for the month of January... If this is true of you, then check out Veganuary!

It holds your virtual hand whilst offering lots of great recipes and meal plans for each day of the month (well, 30 days!) - all completely FREE.

Lemon Vurd

Those of you who get our e newsletter will know that there's a lemon curd or 'vurd' recipe on there! All vegan, of course.

I've had great fun messing about with piles of lemons and such trying out recipe variants. All were good, some just better than others. This is the recipe I settled on - I hope you like it!

Me, I'll be making vats of it for Christmas pressies this year!

Slow, Quick, Quick Slow

It's getting chilly after the seemingly endless summer followed by the equally endless golden autumn! So my thoughts (and stomach) are turning towards hearty stews, soups, curries and other winter loveliness (interspersed by my weekly two days on the 5:2 Diet of course).

A Ricey Dish For Tired Runners

After a week of feeling substantially lower in energy than I have so far, I am deciding to step up my approach towards the nutrition side of training.

The Bristol Half Marathon is 6 weeks away now, and although everything has been going to plan and I’ve getting out for runs (almost) like clockwork, I’m think that perhaps I need to be more considered about my fuel intake.

Doctor Tempeh, I presume?

We've been in contact with Doctor Tempeh for a couple of years now - I first met Jonathan, the owner, (and yes, he's a real doctor and nutritionist!) at a trade show back in 2012 and after tasting his delicious curried tempeh in a tin, asked him if he'd donate some for Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow in Cardiff.

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